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Conceptually my investigations are of an existential nature, questioning existing structures of perception and consciousness; the way we interact with and perceive systems within ourselves and the world around us.

My aesthetic tends to be labelled as DIY- (though I do like refinement and attention to detail).
This has made me start to ask philosophical questions about the way time is spent, and what it means to be a 'legitimate' artist, or to formalize a work- and more impulsive questions that challenge what we consider 'acceptable'.

Ideally I like to make in-situ process based sculptural installations using accumulated materials, with a performative element that interacts with the space and sculptures.
The process of creating the sculptures is often playful and in some sense is a performance in itself. Given the circumstances, it can quickly become a full-body engagement/experience.

I trust in last minute changes and chance; balance and falling.

All my physical/material manifestations seem to be coded and mysterious. There are probably many different ways to solve the puzzle successfully.

I almost always use video projectors and sound (software like Reason and Max MSP) to reference my generations alliance with technology.

Recently I have dealt with concepts of the feedback loop, the truth of a paradox, and discordant concord; Beauty emerging from noise, and the overlap between mysticism and the absurd.

Green Flux is my masked female alter ego born out of the virtual realm. She dwells primarily in 'sound', and is somewhat of a Super-Ego figure.

I am heavily influenced by music (and sound in general).

The sine wave is my möbius strip.

I am fond of the muse.

In the near future I plan to focus more on collaborative and sound installations and interventions.